What are Logotherapy and Logophilosophy?

Logophilosophy refers to the philosophical theory by Viktor Frankl (1905-1997). It is about human existence in relation to the surrounding reality and also a theory of structure and functioning of human consciousness. Logophilosophy is understanding people from the perspective of Noological dimension and helping them from this perspective.

Logophilosophy strives to understand and explain the diversity of human existence in general and at the same time it provides new tools for everyone to understand their own way of existence. Logophilosophy is centered on purpose: the purpose of life in general, the purpose of each person’s own life, and the purposes hidden in each moment. This is why Viktor Frankl’s logophilosophy can be called purpose-centered philosophy.

Logophilosophy is divided into Existential analysis and Logotherapy. Existential analysis means understanding, interpretating and explaining human existence and human activity and it is based on existential-phenomenological (philosophical) theory. Logotherapy is also based on existential-phenomenological theory, i.e. logophilosophy. That is why studying logophilosophy is of the utmost importance and the first step in studying logotherapy. Logotherapy as a philosophical therapy means diagnosing distortions related to experiencing purpose and treating those distortions with logotherapeutic methods. Both existential analysis and logotherapy together form the whole of logophilosophy.