Basics of Logotherapy Hybrid Course 13 ECTS Autumn 2022-

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The course combines a traditional online course and a zoom teaching course, where the best of e-study material and zoom training is brought together. The instructors are Anne Niiles-Mäki and Minna Sadeaho. There will be 7 zoom-meetings on the course; meetings last 1,5 hours/meeting. Zoom-meetings will be held on Thursdays at 17.30-19.00 (Helsinki time zone) at the following dates: 1) 15.9., 2) 29.9., 3) 13.10., 4) 27.10., 5) 10.11., 6) 24.11. and 7) 8.12. Zoom-meetings are not mandatory, but recommended.

Autumn 2022: The course opens online Mon 5.9. at 8.00 (Helsinki time zone)

The course closes online Sun 11.12. at 16.00 (Helsinki time zone)

Information about ‘Basics of Logotherapy’ -course:

The course is open to anyone interested in values and purposeful thinking. Participation in the course does not require any basic training or prior knowledge of logotherapy. You can also attend the course without committing to Logotherapy coach TFK or a Logotherapist TFK for further training. However, completing the ‘Basics of logotherapy’ hybrid course is a prerequisite for accepting to our further training.

Basics of Logotherapy -course introduces the theory and work of Logotherapy developer and father of Logotherapy, Viktor Frankl, especially the philosophical basis of his work, which is essential for logotherapeutic self -care and helping of others.

In this course you will learn all the key concepts of logotherapy and their place in Frankl’s theory as a whole. We also do practical exercises in order to develop our own life and thinking. The ‘Basics of Logotherapy’ is therefore perfect for developing self -consciousness from a purposeful perspective.

The duration of the training is 75h, of which 48h is hybrid education and 27h self -study. Studying time is one semester (either the fall semester or the spring semester). The cost of the training is € 450 + VAT/hybrid course. Training is organized as online studies and evening or weekend Zoom-training (hybrid model) or as an intensive course (intensive course is so far only in Finnish).

Further information and registration: