About Institute and Instructors

Institute for Purpose-centered Philosophy Finland was founded in 2019. The purpose of the Institute is to produce high-quality research and literature on logophilosophy and logotherapy, to train our students as experts in logophilosophy and logotherapy, to provide expert therapy assistance, and to work as a partner for companies and communities seeking purposeful consultation or guidance.

The Institute has received the international accreditation of Viktor Frankl Institute Vienna since 2019. Accreditation will be renewed every two years. See our Accreditation Certificate from our website:  https://logoterapeutti.fi/akkreditointitodistus/ . Our instructors also have personal Viktor Frankl Institut Vienna accreditations.


Anne Niiles-Mäki, PhD

Anne has been a Logotherapy instructor at Viktor Frankl Institute Finland and board member of the Viktor Frankl Association until July 2019. She has worked as professional Logotherapist since 2016 and since 2020 as a Logotherapist for the Family Federation Finland Therapy services. Anne defended her dissertation about Logotherapy as a philosophical therapy at the University of Jyväskylä 2021. Link to Anne’s doctoral dissertation on the Avoimet julkaisut -page and link to the dissertation video recording on the TFK:n videot ja podcastit –page. Link to the Logotherapy Service also in English, see:  https://vaestoliitonterapia.fi/terapeutit/anne-niiles-maki/

Minna Sadeaho, Master of Arts

Academic Associate in Viktor Frankl´s logotherapy 2014 (Viktor Frankl
Institute of Logotherapy, USA)

Academic Professional in Logotherapy and Existential Analysis 2015 (Viktor
Frankl Institute Finland)

Accredited member of the International Association of Logotherapy and
Existential Analysis 2016- (Viktor Frankl Institute Vienna)

Minna has worked as Logotherapy instructor at Viktor Frankl Institute Finland from 2016 (as auxiliary trainer already in 2015) to the end of 2019. Minna has also served as a representative of the VFIF Board of Directors until July 2019.